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The built in security secret

Speedline Mesh protects vulnerable internal spaces from intruder attack

In the past decade we’ve seen a growing demand for lightweight, flexible construction methods that offer quick installation and space saving benefits. This means that dry lining partitioning is increasingly being used to divide internal spaces - as traditional block work, though robust and economical, is slow to dismantle and remove when building use changes… as it frequently does these days

Dry lining can be removed quickly and easily and in some cases re-used. However the strength of standard plasterboard means it can be punched through, making internal spaces such as cash rooms, pharmaceutical stores, computer rooms and archives highly vulnerable to intruder attack.

Additional security protection is regarded as a pre-requisite by the insurance companies especially in retail and public areas. According to BRC/Retail crime, in the retail sector criminal damage has more than doubled reaching 47 incidents per 100 outlet.

For many years, expanded steel mesh has been used to reinforce dry lining systems and ceilings and introduced as standard in many refurbishments to reinforce internal walls and to counter attacks. Often referred to as ‘the hidden secret’ for reasons of security and client confidentiality, it is not possible to publish a list of specific case studies illustrating these installations.

There is a cost implication in the use of this additional material, however with minimal extension to installation times, the value is considerable. One major benefit of this type of security enhancement is that, as it’s fitted behind the facing material, it does not have any negative impact on the overall acoustics and environmental conditions of the internal spaces.

The biggest prey for intruders tends to be supermarket outlets which are now constantly being refreshed, with areas for storing higher value items receiving specific focus, via security mesh.

Airports, Stations and Hospitals are currently under constant security scrutiny, for obvious reasons, and a number of the recent major refurbishments have had mesh installed in the public areas as well as the secure area around baggage handling and distribution, immigration, cash handling and retail areas.

Other uses include housing and apartment developments when dry lining is used throughout, including the dividing of individual living units and public areas.

Speedline offer two security mesh product options - both made from single sheets of steel.

They are strong and do not unravel when cut. There is almost no waste in production and the product can be reused or recycled many times over.

These are Speedline Security Mesh ‘Extra’ (Heavy weight 8.45kg/m2) and ‘Standard’

(Medium weight 1.85kg/m2). Find out about security mesh here


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